Toilet Mapping Summer Project Synopsis

Julius presenting his public toilet bathroom project to Jasmine and his fellow SPHSP summer intern cohort at Wish for WASH!

Abigail and the Wish for WASH Bioreactor Research Team

Grace and some of the Wish for WASH rebrand team

Esther with some members of the Wish for WASH leadership team preparing for recruitment!

Abigail leading a Wish for WASH Menstrual Health Design Jam for the Museum of Design Atlanta in May 2021

  1. I’ve been super busy…
  2. I’ve actually been working on a lot of things recently that have had to stay under the radar… UNTIL NOW

Cameron and some of the Georgia Tech Epic Intentions Consulting Team presenting some of their business development work to Jasmine

Wish for WASH

Wish for WASH seeks to bring more diverse minds, talent, and innovation to the problems of global heath and WASH in our world because #everybodypoops.

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